¨Forgotten Realities¨


MONAT Gallery is pleased to present the Forgotten Realities exhibition, an important collective exhibition featuring different international artists. Focusing on their most recent works, the exhibition runs from May 27th to June 27th, 2022, presenting a unique experience at the Gallery

Press Release

The selected works weave an oneiric landscape that bears to the personal, collective, and cultural influence of those who came before. There is a tenuous line between post memory and nostalgia. The exhibition is arranged by themes suggested by the artworks themselves including personal narratives, social and and cultural references. Through their work, the artists in this exhibition search, doubt, and reflect on the representation of truths related to individual and collective memory —ultimately attempting to make sense of their own life. Through the power of abstraction, the Forgotten Realities exhibition holds an intimate space in which to honor life and human transcendence, the (re)creation of memories based on fiction or dubious truths, building a path between memories and present times.