My name is Akross The Twin. I am a pyrographer. 

I started in this world with leather, since I am a shoemaker.  Later I discovered that the ideal medium, and the one in which I express myself best, is wood. I use, as much as possible, donated wood or wood recovered from the street, in order to give them a second life and to elevate recycling to the category of Art. 

Wood is a magnificent canvas where I can express myself. I love the lines drawn and burned on the wood, where the pyrography flows freely. They remind me of the grooves of the human skin, which intermingle with the grain of the wood, creating a connection the wood, thus creating a connection between people and nature.

Akross the Twin came into the world in the form of a human being by the hand of his twin, 

a Tuesday under the sign of the Dragon. Since he was a child, he has always been passionate about the arts, creative and very absent-minded in his school work. 

In class he was constantly scribbling in textbooks. There he found his true vocation. Illustrating, creating characters and environments. 

As a teenager he studied Illustration at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts Llotja. 

Working life led him to abandon his greatest illusion and his artistic aspirations. Until one sunny morning, at the time of his confinement, appeared in his life the Muse, with golden hair and a bluish look (yes, with a mask), now his wife @lacarinyetacuina, who quickly put the batteries and by means of whipping (consented), has managed to get Akross, armed with courage, to regain his dream, now shared. His home, beautifully chaotic, unites painting and gastronomy in equal parts.