If we talk about photography, I think that still life is the purest genre, there is only an artist in it, and the objects perfectly serve his idea. Each of my still lifes is a self-portrait, a part of my reality at the moment. Fixing and making into a visual image of a state, impression, or even a goal. Yes, sometimes I photograph what I want to experience or what I would like to become. Or vice versa, I transform my negative experience, rewire it in the process of creating a photo and often redo it to a positive one. But no matter what happens, there should always be beauty in my art work, because beauty is evolutionary, it transforms, transforms and improves. So, each art work is my own therapy, changes me, expands and enriches me, which means it can influence, help or improve other people. What could be better?

Alexandra has been engaged in photography for more than 10 years. Since 2018, she has specialized in interior photography and published in top interior magazines, electronic and printed versions of ELLE Decor, AD, Interior + Design, Salon interior. In 2021, Alexandra came to the genre of still life. It happened naturally. In addition to the desire to try yourself in another direction of photography, there was also a desire not only to photograph interiors, but also to create works that could become photo-painting in them.