Unleashing the power of colors, balancing counter-movements, modulating light: Kuhn is concerned with the harmonious balancing of all picture elements. One subject of his art is the
balancing act itself, the dynamic balance of a variety of viewing options. With wide bristle brushes, the artist brings the colors onto the canvas in swinging and sweeping brush strokes. The pasty consistency of the oil colors allows each brush trace to remain visible as a relief-like structure. Kuhn often overlays several painting layers to form a complex tissue. The light is refracted and reflected by these color structures in such a way that the image appears different and in motion from every viewing angle.

The artist always works in painting cycles, in which he plays through a common theme, a certain color, different color contrasts and paint application, as well as a special kind of mobility, rhythm, etc. in variations.

Andreas Kuhn is an established German artist who exhibits internationally. His works can be found in private collections in Australia, Germany, England, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan and USA.