My creations are my breaths. Some of my artworks are my inhalations that I breathe in from the outside and express and other times they are my exhalations that come out of me in expression. Other times they are sharp, fast, deep, or slow and I am inspired by everything. My conscious, unconscious, and subconscious are my conductors to the rhythms of my breath every time I create. When I express myself through painting and writing, I feel connected to the whole world. I feel emotion, gratitude, love and respect for everyone who has even 10 seconds to see, read or hear or understand my breath in front of one of my creations. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Anna Mavroudi is a Greek artist and writer. Her literary creations have been published in several books from those she writes as well as several of her digital paintings or abstract artworks have been exhibited in various countries or have received distinctions. She has completed several university programs and received certificates in them and has participated in many seminars and workshops such as painting and self-expression in art/ Diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and application of Neuroscience in Music Therapy and Physical Psychotherapy/  Psychotherapy: Theory and practice/ Special Education: Interdisciplinary Convergence Practice/  Creative writing (in short story, novel, TV-movie script and theatrical writing)/ Illustration/ Art Therapies/ 'Child's stories or narrations organized for Therapy and Growth’/  Poetry and philosophy/ Trauma Recovery Training/ Development and Management of a portfolio of products and services / Economy and Administration/ Japanese Poetry (Haiku – Zappai)/ Writing and publishing literary and non-literary books/ 'Introduction to Art Therapies' and a few others programs. She has interests and hobbies related to learning theatre, violin, choir, swimming, dancing, music, travelling and enjoy learning information about all countries, customs, civilizations, cosmology and philosophy of countries. She likes to participate in charitable human expressions and actions. She is inspired by everything and expresses through her creations either herself or non-self or as nobody or as everyone or as all.