It all begins with a feeling.

The simplest way I can describe my painting practice is intuition. I want to make a mark there, I’m craving a presence in a particular place. It’s impulsive and meditative at the same time. A feeling that’s later defined in principles.

In muse I often wonder if this is how God feels about the sky. A breath, evoking a stroke, whereby physics later defines a series of shapes and colours that we comprehend uniquely.

I hope you enjoy my art, and that you’ll find something only you can see.

— with love, April

April Kay Cooper (London, 1993) is a multi-media artist living in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Shortly after graduating as a Bachelor of Arts from Canterbury Christ Church university, she took her first contract as an abstract painter. She has exhibited in New York, Paris, Vancouver, and multiple cities across England.

April currently works as a full-time senior visual design lead at Borealis AI, Royal Bank of Canada. In her free-time, April explores a range of artistic abstract applications, seeking inspiration from classic Canadian landscapes.