Ágnes Tóth


About the artist:

I am a self-taught painter b. 1965, living in Budapest, Hungary. I received visual education in several photography courses, but I soon turned to painting as it gives me far more freedom. Now I take photos that serve only as sketches for future paintings.

I draw my inspiration from everyday situations and sceneries, or images, like my friend’s holiday pictures, social media posts, my phone snapshots or from press photos. I regard almost anything in my environment as a painterly subject.

I am fascinated by the uniqueness in common situations or the other way around, when I find a common experience behind some unusual sight. 

Almost everything can be depicted in a way to show this duality.

Figurative painting seems to be the best way of expression for me, even if I am attracted to abstract art as well, because I have a need for storytelling.

I work primarily with acrylic or oil, depending on my painterly purpose, and prefer to paint on solid material, e.g. wood, plywood or board, but I dare more and more to experiment with new techniques. I do not want to specialize on a given technique, style or subject.

Tóth, Ágnes

12 August 2021