“Nature is the only master who helps to create a real piece of art, without nature the ideal art wouldn’t have exist." It’s in India at the Khairagarh University that he had found the true sense of painting, where he was surrounded by nature with an artistic environment where his passion for painting arose. He has been working in watercolour, gouache, acrylic, ink, charcoal and mix media. Currently exploring the diverse abstraction in art, exploring the technological aspects of art, using projection mapping.

About the artist:

'The artworks are based on my journey in the art field, in which I am continuously implementing new ideas and experimenting new media to it. There are different series which I have done concentrating on different medium like waste materials and light projection. The environment and the people are element which talks in my artworks. I work on theme to which I am surrounded mostly and also which influences me directly or indirectly may it be social or political issues. I am currently working on light installation and projection mapping, experimenting how to merge traditional and new tech into art.'