Alexander Dik


About the artist:

I have been a full-time painter since 2019 from Falkensee near Berlin. Before that I did painting as a hobby. In 2019 I decided to carry out my artistic work professionally. I live and work in Falkensee near Berlin. My art is very diverse and shaped by different techniques. My main characteristic is to translate feelings, moments, ways of thinking and moods into pictures. My great strength is the colors. For every idea or inspiration I have developed my own techniques and implement them individually. All works arise from my subconscious after I perceive my environment.

These four paintings are done with the squeegee technique, whereby I work on acrylic with ink and saying paint. This gives the pictures a special depth and exciting moments. Transformation is the transformation of thoughts into shape and color. In painting I always look for that special moment that I haven't seen myself, but which I have probably experienced emotionally.

In 2020 I started exhibiting and selling my work for the first time. As an autodidact, I started studying art in 2019. In the renowned academy for painting in Berlin, I personally learn various influences of contemporary art. My personal lecturers are, Ute Wöllman (master student of Georg Baselitz), Jonas Burgert, Rolf Behm, Christofer Lehmphul and many other gifted contemporary painters.

I work in the directions of abstract expressionism and abstract surealism. For me, the objects that I depict are partly unimportant. What is important is that the images are alive and that other worlds come to light. Worlds, phenomena that I only know by feeling or think I know, but it remains an illusion of the subconscious.



Kitchen Exchange Berlin Groups Duration Exhibition

November 2020 Solo exhibition AK Galerie Berlin


February 22nd, 2021 Kellerismus VIP exhibition Berlin solo exhibition

June 19, 2021 AK Galerie Berlin solo exhibition

July 17, 2021 Designer Floors Potsdam Group exhibition

27.-29. August 2021 Art Fair Monaco Van Gogh Art Gallery

August 28, 2021 Streetart Gallery on the Hohen Neuendorf Sculpture Boulevard, group exhibition

September 18, 2021 Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg solo exhibition

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