Alexandra Westermark


About the artist:

I am born I Sweden. I live and work currently in Stockholm and in the southern part of Sweden, Skåne.
I went to art school in London and lived and worked in London for 7 years.


In my work I want to experience and learn new and be in a process of asking questions of the unknown. I draw a lot to chisel out the picture and to find the soul of the work. It ́s the looking for knowledge without really looking, thinking or being controlled by anything. The technique to get there becomes a part of the picture. I want to follow the impulse.

Nature plays a big part in my work. But, the work is not about nature or its objects abstract or otherwise. Nature gives a setting or a platform from which I move on from.

In this series of pictures depth and flow is important. I want the viewer to be aware of the depth, so as to become an intermediary or a mirror. The picture could be holding the depth and flow, and drop it to the viewer. I want to, in some way, evoke or affect something in the viewer. Like a provocation or a contact surface.

The motif is can be random in that what happens happens. I don ́t want to control the work. I want to view my work as something ongoing in the present, something that occupies my attention. Although the human spirit and conditions hovers in the background when I work.

There is an ever searching and testing among different ways old and new to get from one place to another. I find the technique plays a part of its own in the pictures. Next series of paintings might have another methodology.
The technique currently is in four different layers. Ii includes drawing on thick cotton paper, working with acrylic paint. And then again painting, sometimes a different image, on top.


2021 Galleri Elfva, Lidingö, Sweden
2008 Tidaholms Museum, Tidaholm, Sweden
2007 Lysekils Konsthall, Lysekil, Sweden
2006 Galleri Alex Wiberg, Stockholm, Sweden
2005 Nordiska Galleriet, Stockholm, Sweden
2004 Galleri Clarre Sjögren, Torekov, Sweden
2003 Örnsköldsviks Konsthall, Örnköldsvik, Sweden 2002 Väsby Konsthall, Upplands Väsby, Sweden 1999 Nacka Forum, Stockholm, Sweden
1998 Galleri Clarre Sjögren, Stockholm, Sweden 1996 Arbetsförmedling, Lidingö, Sweden
1995 Rosendals trädgård, Stockholm, Sweden 1993 Galleri Connaisseur Stockholm, Sweden
1991 SEB HQ, Göteborg, Sweden

Heatherly School of Fine Art, London UK Kingston University, Fine Art, London UK