Alina Gishyan


About the artist:

Alina Gishyan comes from a distinguished family of Armenian ceramic artists; over the past fifteen years she has built up an enormous amount of experience and developed her own style of unique ceramic functional pottery. Since her arrival in Croatia, she has intertwined her cultural inspirations with the new experiences she has encountered in Croatia, where she has been focusing on avant-garde and abstract ceramics. Her artistic mission is to create unique works of art combined with the additional functionality of everyday use, thereby creating all pieces with special food safe materials. Currently, Alina is participating in International symposiums and her artwork can be seen in many expositions, galleries, and fairs. She is constantly applying new ideas to her style by experimenting with creating different glazes and artworks. Since 2019 she proudly holds the title of Folk Master of Republic of Armenia.

Alina draws her true inspiration from nature combined with the richness of Armenian ornamental art, both of which are eternally visible in her artwork. Her continual development of techniques brings with it some interesting and innovative solutions to ceramic artistry. Alina strives to combine the stones which go through all the processes starting from firing right through to glazing whilst always ensuring that her works are fully functional. Alina has not been formally trained in ceramics however it runs through her blood coming from a family rich in ceramic art tradition for centuries. Alina has a Master’s degree in Microwave Radiophysics and Telecommunications which helps her to think out of the box and explore new shapes and techniques.

Working materials: earthenware clay, stones, lead free glazes

Techniques: Work on pottery wheel (90%), molds (10%), ornamental works are made by special technique founded in 1972 by her family where all ornaments are drawn/carved on leather-hard clay before 1st firing.