Allison Harrel


About the artist:

Allison Harrell is a contemporary artist and photographer exploring human imperatives, cultural inspiration and combinations of mediums. American born in 1983, she was raised by mother, educator Gwendolyn Harrell in Knoxville, TN.

With focus in dark room photography and sculpture, she pursued scientific and premedical topics and competitive athletic participation, all of which continue to influence her subject matter. She completed a BA in 2005 from Maryville College, TN.

Preceding graduate studies in San Francisco, she enrolled in a therapy program for eating disordered women in Florida. Distance from childhood influences helped consecrate a lifelong practice of therapy and psychological fitness and contributes to ongoing themes of reflection, healing and social accountability. At Academy of Art University, she created stylized portraits of similarly aged females including vintage, recycled garments as alternative self portraiture. She furthered her painting practice in oils influenced by Post Impressionists and Fauvists.

She continues to employ herself as a test subject for insights of healing and personal activism.

Following her MFA in Photography, her 2010 move to NYC began work on fine and commercial art projects. Her debut 2017 solo show in SoHo Gallery Ward Nasse and 2018 MVVO group show at Sotheby’s, NY led to exhibitions in New York, Paris, UK, Austria and Italy.

She lives in NY with husband Andre and son Andre James. They founded Gather, an alternative art space.