Andreas Kuhn


About the artist:

Artist Statement

« I think that art can create a free space in which the constructive and lively imagination is stimulated. » 

Andreas Kuhn

With wide bristle brushes, the artist brings the colors onto the canvas in swinging and sweeping brush strokes. The pasty consistency of the oil colors allows each brush trace to remain visible as a relief-like structure. Kuhn often overlays several painting layers to form a complex tissue. The light is refracted and reflected by these color structures in such a way that the image appears different and in motion from every viewing angle.

Unleashing the power of colors, balancing counter-movements, modulating light: Kuhn is concerned with the harmonious balancing of all picture elements. One subject of his art is the balancing act itself, the dynamic balance of a variety of viewing options.

“Langer Atem” (Perseverance) is a painting cycle that the artist has been working on for several years. For the human organism, breathing (in addition to the heart's activity) is an elementary vital function. Breathing is usually involuntary and unnoticed, but it can also become conscious. Metaphorically speaking, we need perseverance not only to overcome serious illnesses, but also to cope with all of life's problems and challenges. „… The brushstroke oscillates in waves, in loops. A palpable rhythm of color mobility unfolds. Over long stretches we see oscillations of recurring frequency. ... In some works the oscillating movement is also created with a spatula. ... The Concentration on biological, regular rhythms and their extensive continuity suggests existential basic functions of life: the breath and the heartbeat ... Regularity and rhythmic repetition allow relaxation, while the wide, distant blue offers space to deepen it ... Despite the prevailing calm, a specific kind of tension ... is perceptible as a noticeable force. ... There is light. And there is development. This is how something moves: in Andreas Kuhn's paintings, either along an axis, above or below horizons or centered on a clear area in the broadest sense. ... " Dr. Susanne de Ponte (exhibition catalog: Andreas Kuhn, “Langer Atem“, Munich)

In the painting cycle “Himmel bei der Arbeit“ (“Heaven at work“) there seem to be allusions to clouds that are constantly changing in shape and color due to wind and refraction of light: the sky at work? No, more precisely, this interpretation cannot really be held. The sweeping brush strokes are too dynamic, distinctive and impasto, the colors too supernatural. What remains is the pure joy of movement and the lush flood of colors. Just for fun - and better thinking. By the way: even clouds are water vapor (sometimes appearing in color) but basically completely non-objective - a real prototype for abstraction, informal, tachism.

Andreas Kuhn is an established German artist who exhibits internationally. His works can be found in private collections in Australia, Germany, England,

, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan and USA.

Vita Andreas Kuhn

born in Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Studies in art at Art Academy in Kassel (documenta town)

Lives and works in Kassel and Munich

Member of the BBK Munich

Member of Rainforest Art Foundation

Solo exhibitions, projects (selection)

1997 Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

1997 Zollhaus Gallery, Ludwigshafen

1998 Salthouse Gallery, St. Ives, England

1999 “Brücke“ Gallery, Braunschweig

1999 Conference Center, Kassel (cooperation with Gallery Melchior, Kassel)

2000 Alchemy Gallery, London

2001 ALSTOM Power, Kassel (permanent art installation in a company building)

2002/03 Lufthansa Systems Berlin (cooperation with Gallery Völcker & Friends, Berlin)

2003 Pasinger Factory (Cultural Center of the City of Munich)

2003 Ernst & Young, Eschborn, Frankfurt/Main

2005 Orangery Palace in the English Garden, Munich

2006 Gallery Melchior, Kassel

2009 Art Forum Social Sculpture, Munich

2012 Orangery Palace in the English Garden, Munich

2014 Permanent art installation at the Jona Chapel of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

2015 Exhibition at City Festival Jena 2015: "Romance, Light, Infinity"

2017 Gallery Melchior, Kassel

2019 Art-Space Wild, Munich (Two artist show)

Works in companies and public institutions (selection)

ALSTOM Power Energy Recovery GmbH, Kassel

documenta archive, Kassel

Ernst & Young, Frankfurt Eschborn

MT Management Team GmbH, Munich project, Munich

IFW Institute for Joining Technology and Materials Testing, Meuselwitz / Jena

EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Hessenring mbH, Melsungen

Conference Center, Kassel

Castle Park Schönfeld, Kassel

Oberbrunner group for direct marketing, Habichtswald-Ehlen

Jona Chapel, Theological Faculty of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Further works can be found in private collections in Australia, Germany, England, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Spain and Taiwan.

Group exhibitions (Selection)

1995 Salthouse Gallery, St. Ives, England

1996 Park Schönfeld Palace, Kassel (with Gallery Melchior, Kassel)

1997 Salthouse Gallery, St. Ives, England

1999 Salthouse Gallery, St. Ives, England

2000 Kassel culture station (with Galerie Melchior, Kassel)

2003 Gallery Völcker & Freunde, Berlin

2004 Künstlerhaus K-19, Berlin

2008 Gallery Melchior, Kassel

2011 Art Forum Social Sculpture, Munich

2012 BBK Gallery of Artists, Munich

2012 Art Forum Social Sculpture, Munich

2014 BBK Gallery of Artists, Munich

2014 Artothek, documenta-Halle, Kassel

2015 Gallery Wild, Zurich, Switzerland

2015 Yu Museum of Contemporary Art, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

2016 Rainforest Art Foundation, Long Island, New York, USA

2017 BBK Gallery of Artists, Munich

2018 “Faith, Love, Hope”, art in sacred places in Graefelfing near Munich