Painting gives me freedom to bring out my own self. I like to experiment. That gives me variety as I don't really like to paint monotonous pictures. Break the pattern and still create something unique is the way that I look at it.

About the artist:

Ani is an artist raised in India, married to an Austrian-German and settled in Germany. Whatever she does, she does it with love and passion trying always to see the beautiful side of the life.

Her art has its own colorful style. Her paintings are contemporary, modern art, abstract, semi abstract with a touch of impressionism drawing intuitively most of the times. Her dream is to draw  with the paint brush in hand and with each stroke of it.

She loves to create variety with colors getting engrossed in each color and I feel the color to bring out a part of me in my drawings. With a love for the use of vibrant colors and spread joy, happiness and positive vibes with her paintings, she draws her inspiration from life, my surroundings and nature.

Ani works  with acrylic on canvas and loves to paint with pallet knives. Feel her through her work. Get to know her inner self from the colors that she uses. Combine the colors and get the essence, that is how she works.