Anthi Koukoutouli


About the artist:

Anthi Koukoutouli was born and raised in a provincial town of central Greece. Growing up at the side of her father, who was a joiner , the enthusiasm for artistic creation was cultivated while the books, which were always her companions, created the ground for the development of a free and curious spirit. Having started experimenting with various painting techniques from a very young age, she studied architectural design, while as an amateur she engaged in her other great love, interior design. Absorbed by the rhythms of life, motherhood and work in the private sector, a break from her presence in the world of painting took place somewhat inevitably. In recent years, she has returned to artistic action, more creative and ready than ever, to conceive ideas and then deconstruct them on her canvas .

"The process of painting for me is a process which, when it takes place, is and must be the first and only priority. Each white canvas can wait for days or months for the first touches, until I will probably get up one night and start working on it. Once the beginning is made, the mind focuses on what I have made up to that point and imagines what I can do to perfect and better capture what I am thinking. Abstract painting for me is fluid and through the lines that mark the completion of most of my works, I try to put an end to this chaotic side of creation."