Summer 2019 I had a very special opportunity: I was invited by one of the most famous mantra bands in the world, Deva Premal & Miten, to paint their music live at their summer festival on a small island in Greece. What an extraordinary experience that was to inuence my artworks for several years. While painting, I had the feeling, that the universal and transforming power of mantras was oating directly through my cells and shapes and colors arised all by themselves on the canvas. A new form of expression was born and it was so captivating that I studied the implementation and the eect of the ‚visual sounds‘ on canvas for several years. I am blessed to share all my experiences and hope to pass on all the positive, powerful vibrations with each and every artwork.

About the artist:

Ava Chiba is an Austrian painter and highly sensitive artist, currently based in Munich, Germany. She studied with Prof. Hans Seeger, holds a Master of Arts in Design and Visual Communication from the Munich University of Applied Sciences, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the Bavarian Academie for Marketing and Communication. She also added a few semesters of psychology at the LMU Munich. Ava’s artworks are a result of years of study on spiritual philosophy. For many years she has devoted her artistic considerations to the invisible vibrations that are operating powerfully behind the physical form. As a highsensitive and synesthete, she has the rare gift of being able to perceive information from distance and to reproduce non-visible information – such as music or personality - in color and form. Working predominantly within the medium of acrylic on canvas, Ava paints with an extreme mastery of technique, unfolding her artworks in a dreamy and imaginative atmosphere. She has a personal and recognisable style that is highly intriguing. Her works is grounded on subtle perception, whilst holding a detailed and process-oriented approach to creating beautiful and beguiling paintings. Somehow she succeeds in involving the viewer and makes him feel part of the scenery, part of the energetic and vital ow of her creations. It is impossible not to feel a sense of calm when looking at her artworks. Initially creating artworks that explore the activating eects of symmetry and holistic geometry patterns on the viewer, Ava’s current practice has developed and evolved to an even more comprehensive visible language: Including explorations on colour theory, oral formations and most recently, investigating into material, has enabled the activation of physical and transient energies through her works continually. After several years of exploring Ayurveda HEALING SOUNDs in her art considerations Ava has transformed her experience into the ability to create compelling, intuitive portraits in a very new and fascinating way.