Bart Persoons


About the artist:

° Louvain, 1967

Married to Inge Moeyersons, 4 children (Julie, Max, Marie, Emma)

Artistic, self-taught but very driven (I paint every day)

Life motto: "There is a time for everything"

Bart Persoons (born in 1967 in Belgium, lives and works in Erps-Kwerps, 16 km from Brussels, the capital of Europe) is a painter who, at first sight, creates abstract, colourful canvases with a simple signature, i.e. hundreds to thousands of small, vertical stripes. 

He has found a way to bring peace of mind back into his life by applying small stripes to the canvas in a very ordered, harmonious and structured manner. As such, he only makes works for himself. Many viewers, however, feel the same pressure in their heads and fall into a kind of trance of calm by looking at Bart's works.

The result is a world that he has appropriately named 'The Little People'. Each little stripe represents a human being in full abstraction.

In some of the works, he makes his Little People walk a path to somewhere -- a search for who we are or what we want to become. 

The slow process of creation and construction is crucial in the artist's work. He wants to take viewers along into that slow process and give them an insight into the fact that the "instant" society in which we live today creates immense pressure. Accepting slowness constitutes an important part of the work.  Every painting needs time to dry and some buyers have to wait 6 to 10 months before the work can be delivered. That is really smashing, for it goes completely against the grain of today’s "instant."

Produced slowly with oil paint, all the works display a high degree of order, structure and focus. The impasto technique confers depth and emphasizes the purity of the paint.


Specifications of the works of art: 

  • The works are made on linen canvas, Universal 661 Professional linen, back side stapled
  • Oil paint: in particular Winsor& Newton (Artists’ oil colour), Rembrandt (Artists’ quality), Mussini
  • Inspired by Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Sol Lewitt, Yves Klein, Bram Bogaert

The series of oil paintings for the Monat Gallery is about the search of each one of us. Everyone is looking for the highest good (success, love, a warm home, a father, a mother, sex, happiness, etc.). That highest good is symbolized by the golden atmosphere in which the work is bathed.