In my artworks I used the new techniques of digital painting, with the aim of renewing the subjects of classical art and find new paradigms. The brush and the palette have become digital, leaving room for transparent and necessary manual interventions, with the purpose of making the final outcome unique. My grammar follows themes of symbolism and surrealism, evoking beauty and dreams without hiding my innate and profound restlessness.  The most recent production has led me among primitive geometries to get to know a dark, solitary and enigmatic female figure: a woman who inhabits the inner landscape that is shaded by silence and reflection.

About the artist:

After studying at the Brera Art Academy in Milan, Piero Campanini started working as a comic book artist for some Italian publishers and later as a visualiser for advertising agencies. These experiences introduced him to the world of advertising where he worked for many years as a creative, specialising in communication for mass market products for television, and finally founded a company for advertising creativity in Milan. Tosicampanini is still a small agency to which he offers his consulting services. Since 2000 Piero has devoted himself to figurative works and writing. He has participated in exhibitions and published several books. More recently, Piero has approached the techniques of digital painting: a new artistic strand able to emulate the classical ways of painting, thanks to digital technologies. In recent years his works have been exhibited at the Galleria Bongiovanni in Bologna (2010), at the Chie Gallery in Milan (2011), again in Milan at the Made4Art Gallery (2019), at The art Company in Como (2020) and at the Casa del Console Museum of Contemporary Art in Calice Ligure (2021).