About the artist:

As a graduate from Ontario College of Art and Design University, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Wilks Chaplin specializes in large mixed media and oil paintings, integrating her passion for innovation and quality in every piece.

Born and raised in an exceptionally unique setting, Wilks’ discovery of art took place at her family’s estate, Cruickston Park, which harbours a piece of history within every aspect of its architecture. Despite its long history, this property has only been known to three owners, the second of which is Wilks’ namesake.  In her family’s care, the property continues to be nurtured in the same manner in which it was over 225 years ago:  an integrated, balanced, self-sustaining local farm that focuses on nature’s rhythms.

With influence from the modern world, Wilks Chaplin takes a unique perspective and incorporates this theme in her art: grandeur, confidence, depth, devotion, simplicity, rhythm, and her ever-evolving interpretation of the world as she sees it.