Charmaine Lenisa


About the artist:

To be raptured, but also transported; that is what the South African artist Charmaine Lenisa (born 1971 in Capetown) likes to see happen when you look at her work. The very detailed, sometimes dark, but always dreamy mysterious paintings, are therefore very suitable for getting lost in.

Charmaine is a contemporary artist based in Belgium who paints from a desire and passion to create. She mainly uses oils and/or acrylics to express herself. Her work is a mixture of fantasy and realism where mysterious figures melt between dreams and reality. Surrealism inspires her work. 

Her pieces have been widely exhibited nationally, as well as in Amsterdam and London. Since 2001, the artist has regularly taken part in solo and group exhibitions. Her paintings are inner images of emotion, of which several interpretations are possible. Inspired by feminine shapes, nature and organisms, resulting in an imaginary world of femininity and sensuality.

She wants to stimulate emotions with her art. Paintings that arise as a reflection of her personal experience, autobiographical as it were. Her love for nature, for humanity and wanting to connect everything together, for her important themes. This is how she came to mother earth, strengthened by her own experiences of becoming a mother in 2001.

Meanwhile Charmaine has four children and she realizes how strong, powerful and versatile women really are. As a result, her paintings generally consist of one or more female figures which sometimes merge into each other or into vegetable, organic figures or details. In addition to her personal feelings as an artist, her paintings also represent universal feelings such as sadness, strength, gloom and happiness.

By traveling, but also under the influence of her father, the painter 'Bacos', she started drawing at a young age. At the age of 18 she started working with oil paint and soon became interested in surreal art.

She studied fashion illustration (later also art history) and in addition to anatomy, she also learned color composition. In the Netherlands she took private lessons from the metaphysical artist Frans Erkelens, after which she began to develop her own style around 2000.