Chaurasiya, Sonakshi – Disha


We mostly use the acrylic medium. We are fond of Nature and we usually paint landscapes and other nature-related elements. And abstract art too. But we do not restrict our art to a particular style, we like to explore different mediums and styles, experimenting with our art has given us some amazing results. We wish to take our journey towards a path where it could reach people's heart in a way that it will calm their soul. In future , we aspire MediARTation to become a place where people will come to release their stress and explore their imagination world through art . Art is a Meditation and through MediARTation we will help people to get their inner peace back.

About the artist:

Sonakshi Chaurasiya, born in 1994, is the founder of MediARTation. She comes from a small town in Madhya Pradesh, India brought up in a conservative family where one has been taught to live one's life in a certain way. Her life completely changed after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. that. She found her peace in Art. Paints filled an empty void in her life that she always felt but could not recognize. This is when she found MediARTation. Disha Chaurasiya, was always very intrigued by fashion. However, after being accepted in the Fashion Design Institute she realized the environment was not what she was expecting and hit rock bottom struggling with depression.

During the very first lockdown both of the sisters were reunited for the first time in years and realized they both understood each other's imaginations. Together they have created some wonderful projects, while having much more fun than before. Now Art has become an inseparable part of their lives. This is her Meditation. This is her living.