Christina Klein


About the artist:

The focus of my work ‘Faces 2021 is on people. A human being. I draw portraits and place a single person at the center of my work. I focus essentially on its uniqueness. In times of digitalization the contrast between appearance and being have become more important. I dedicate myself to the authentic being in my painting. I wish that the viewer of my pictures is moved. Just as real encounters trigger emotions in real life, my work should also put a smile on the face or evoke compassion.

I achieve emotions and uniqueness through the exact and very detailed drawing of the facial features. I use the pencil for a large part of my pictures. A conscious contrast forms the color accents mostly in neon. 

Artist Bio

Drawing and Painting has always played an important role in my life. Contrary to my passion, I first took a professional detour and graduated as Master of Business Administration. I studied at the University of Münster, Germany and at the San Francisco State University. Later I have been working in the cosmetics and fashion industry for 10 years – in a job that is exclusively characterized by numbers. At the same time, I have been connecting my passion for art and painting with my everyday profession and thus creating an incredibly valuable balance for myself. This year I had the opportunity to take part at international group exhibitions in New York and Milano.


BUTTERBLUMENWEG 11 • 50999 KÖLN • GERMANY • +49 160 9292 3729