About the artist:

Cigdem Onat is an Abstract Expressionist artist who currently calls New York City her home. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, she moved to San Francisco to
study the Arts at CCSF. She then received higher education studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. A long career in the fashion industry lead to restaurant entrepreneurship in San Francisco. There, she co- owned and operated San Francisco’s first vermouth bar, Orson’s Belly. Today, Cigdem’s focus has shifted to art. Her free spirited brushstrokes and striking color palettes stem from her

creative process which she likens to Stream of Consciousness. She has been represented by galleries across Europe. She has collaborated with other artists in different mediums. Cigdem was featured in House & Garden

UK’s winter editions. Her gestural paintings are inspired by jazz, film, and her world travels. She is a hobbyist photographer.


Art is an incredible way of connecting my inner world to the outer. It is a way of expressing my emotions to others. The vivid colors I use, and irregular energetic brushstrokes mimic the jazz music I listen to while I work. Like jazz, my art is improvised and polyrhythmic, imbued by swing rhythm and freedom of expression. Once my paintings are complete I dedicate them to my favorite artists. My works are placed beyond any time and space dimensions, where rules do not apply and logic seems to have lost its properties. My art is unconventional and doesn’t follow any lines. I dance to irregular rhythm to jazz when I paint. I let my subconscious direct my hands as I paint over the blank canvas. My Abstract Expressionist technique gives me total freedom. I like to experiment with different mediums such as ink, crayon, acrylic, sharpie, oil. Overpainting or folding (Pliage) methods are among methods I like to use. Aside from jazz, I also get inspiration from film and my world travels.