About the artist:

CONIE is a French Artist Painter. Self-taught, she lives and works in Toulouse for fifteen years. Little girl, she feels this impulse very early on, this need, this irresistible desire to express herself through color, shape and material. Today, it is in an abstract way that his work expressed on the canvas. She likes large formats and her acrylic paintings are a dive into the secret of her emotions.

Each of them is a story, the cliche of a feeling caught on the spot in the face of memories, the past time, the present, with the constant concern to leave the spectator free of his interpretation. CONIE is inhabited by the need to constantly push the limits of this tormented world by agitating colors and shapes. She begins her work by applying the first layers of paint with a brush, then moves from brush to sponge, which allows her to create her famous "blurred", an invitation to travel and fullness.

Its refined and round style is made of touches of material which give this relief in roundness associated with harmonies of shapes and colors. CONIE exhibits in Paris and Toulouse Galleries, and in Salons in the greater Southwest of France.