Consuelo Palma

Fluid art

About the artist:

My artistic process seeks freedom, offering a world of stories that flow in an intimate space and in an unconscious imagination. I discharge through it, a complex personal inner world, since I believe in art as a flow of ideas, thoughts, emotions, contradictions that are expressed, that is why my art is a form of sharing what is sometimes not possible to do with words. Also, I seek to generate dialogue and natural paths between each element as well as between the observer and each piece of art, so my work makes sense, it gets completed, creating a story, throughout contemplation.

As a result of my search, I play with various techniques and work with various series,  Materials and dimensions with the aim of creating relevant visual and emotional experiences. I look for significant elements that I rescue from those anonymous places that perhaps with time will fade and get resignified, integrated into a new reality, joining the dimension of emotions and intimate experiences, generating a dialogue between each element that makes up a work, its inhabited space and the viewer.

In the world of my sculptures, all made of ceramics and with a variety of techniques, I am creating series. In one of them I evoke the Apachetas, altars dedicated to the Pachamama that the settlers of the Inca Empire built with stones on the side of the roads so that their travels were successful. Far from home, these were altars to pray towards mother earth, begging her for protection on the journey. I have sought to create my own Apachetas as a symbol of protection for those who live, like me, far from her homeland. Another series are rocks created in search of serenity. They were born out of the need for inner calm, spirituality and strength.

In the world of my paintings I relate the intimate experience of the expatriate connecting the inner world with the world that surrounds us, I evoke the experiences that mark the steps when making the way in borrowed lands. Emotions unleashed between streets and corners, experiences mark our history. The elements collected from these places become symbols of this stage of my life, generating dialogue by connecting these places with my personal world and sharing them through my work. In my work speak the soul, intuition and experiences.