Cordula Rock


About the artist:

Artistic Curriculum Vitae 

Dr. Cordula Rock 

1964 born January 11th in Munich, Germany 

1970-1983 early passion for drawing people and designing their clothes during school time 1983-1988 studies of Law and ancient Greek at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich 

1989-199further increasing of great interest in Contemporary Arts in the period of working in a Munich law firm 

1998 Doctorate in Law at the University of Bayreuth, Germany 

since 2000 practising in object-related watercolor painting and acrylics 

Since 2004 working in the field of Abstract Painting 

2013-2018 private study with the German artist Jürgen Welker (pupil of Prof. Markus Lüpertz, Germany ) in the field of „Free Painting“ 

since 201start of work in the own studio presentation of works of art in exhibitions and art fairs 

2015 first contact with the Swiss artist Lorenz Spring: inspiration by the intense co lor-language of his paintings 

2016 course of study by the German artist Gabriele Musebrink at Art Academy Wildko gel, Munich: Abstract Painting with special natural materials 

since 2017 cooperation with national and international galleries 

2017 education in „Nude Modeling" at Academy of Fine Art Munich 


studies in „Life Drawing“ taught by Rawle Harper ( New York ) at Academy of Fine Art Munich 

2019 artistic training by Regine von Chossy at Art Academy Wildkogel, Munich since 2020 artist-member of CIRCLE FOUNDATION for the ARTS, CFA (based in Lyon France)