The naturalistic and organic aspect of my work finds its conceptual, inspiring and metaphorical support mainly in the natural landscape, matter and space. These works are clear allusions to the plant world that surrounds us, to the esoteric nature of the spatial landscape, and above all, to the energy of our natural cosmos.


About the artist:

Cristian is mainly motivated by everything related to the environment, climate change, recycling, space, light, shadow and the great controversy that is man versus nature, coexistence and harmony that should exist between the two.

His work "Curved Landscape" is a visual and abstract representation of his intimate universe inspired by the natural landscape, in which he proposes a distorted image of the landscape and also a multiplicity of views of it, as the saying goes "Everything depends on the color of the glass with which you look” and, as almost always, popular knowledge is not wrong. ... The human thinking is filtered by the color of the glass with which we look, our perspective limits the knowledge we have of reality. His plastic proposal aims to evidence this idea, that is why his works play with the possibility of be observed from different points of view, hence the constant use of materials that allow him to manipulate transparencies, light and shadow, the use of mirrored surfaces and the use of optical games that distort the understanding of his works at first sight.