Dalia Slep

Fluid art

About the artist:

My name is Dalia. I was born and live in Lithuania, I have tried pouring techniques, also drawing realistic artworks for a while, I have realized that abstract art allows me to express my emotions, to express myself. I found myself in abstract art and only in it I see myself. Each picture tells a different story. I love the whole process of painting, you never know what emotions will it evoke, especially I like when the final result surprises me as well. Painting is my passion, it‘s a wonderful feeling when people can feel a bit of me through my created pieces.

Painting can be a lifelong learning experience, especially when so much information can be found in the online space. Through the time I’ve learned that it’s impossible to separate the artist from the art, and for that reason, I love getting to know the artists. I am constantly trying to get new experiences from other painters, one of the realistic technique artists that I learned from was Joseph Patric Daniels. Also, I am currently a student at Morley College London, where I am deepening my knowledge of abstract art.