Dancho Atanasov


About the artist:

I have been always into the Arts - from drawing and painting to classic guitar in primary school and electric guitar in a rock band later. 

As a teenager, I used to skydive and my uncle(former skydiver) was practicing photography. He used to share with me his cameras, which I was taking to the air club. Initially, the first photos were a simple disaster, but afterwards they were getting better and better. When I was flying as a jet fighter pilot, it was happening to take my camera with me, if the type of flight was not so complex. It was in the 1980s, when there were not many technical options.  

 During 4 years I used to work as chief editor and photojournalist in a travel magazine, which was a great experience and cultivate my point of view. Think, the final step was my Conceptual Photography Master’s Class accomplishment.  

My best way of communication with the audience is the synergy of shapes, colors, light, details, choice of point of view – all it drives to my goal - Harmony and Aesthetics and the result is very clear – worldwide exhibitions and international awards.