Daphna Laszlo-Katzor


About the artist:

My digital-art pieces are created by integrating the digital-photography technique with computer graphics. The works are composed of many layers of photographs. The photographs which appear in my works are taken both in my studio and in a natural environment, at times after planning beforehand and at times randomly. These are later incorporated into rooms, spaces, and graphic elements which I create using digital means. By employing different techniques in one piece, the details of the photographs which appear in it are endowed with a new meaning and a new reality composed of all the details which were joined together is created. My digital-art pieces are surrealistic; surrealism serves well the messages I seek to convey through my works.

In my works, the past is juxtaposed against the future, the myth of bravery against the empowerment of women, the myth of survival against that of commemoration. A dialog is formed between the stories and the characters discussing such issues as social rank, identity, might, power, adamance, and fate.

As it seems, the works all convey the sense that the experience of the setting is ambivalent, moving along the axis of an actual site and nowhere. On the one hand, they are searching for the connection with the past and the sense of belonging to it; on the other, they are placed on an unclear border between times. In actuality, these are imagined settings devoid of a concrete time.

I integrated cultures and traditions, thus creating a world wherein fact and fiction are intertwined. I create a novel, imagined reality, of a setting based in a different, unclear time, which I am attempting to examine. I am enabling the viewer to find enjoyment in classical aesthetics, a hypnotizing array of colours, and an intoxicating pastoral beauty. However, following a meticulous review and a thorough understanding of every detail and gesture, the hidden, harsh revelations are discovered, and a realization is reached, that the scenes serve as an allegory for the state of man, society, and culture as a whole, and for the image of the world we are leaving behind.


Born in Haifa in 1958

12 Yehiel Dov Dresner St.

Tel Aviv, Israel 6949764

Tel./fax: 972-3-9496611

Mobile: 972-50-7360394