Diana Gumz


About the artist:

I am Diana Gumz, an artist from Germany. I live in the north of Germany, near the costly town of Kiel. So I am inspired by the ocean, the wind and the waves, but that is not all. I love colors und the effects which they have on us. Every color has its own quality, touches my soul and my heart.

To create art reveals to me a way to myself, deep and real. I love the process and I love it, to have colors on my fingers, so I feel comepletly myself. During my study of art therapy I found myself and I am so thankful for that.

Life ist wild, intensive and colorful and when we can see this, we have all the possibilities and we are free. Exactly the same way I try to paint my artworks.

I dont explain my artwork because you should find to your own relationsh in what you see. Everybody will see different things because we all have our own view about life and everybody will find a part of themself when they look at work of art.
I love to reach people with my art. Ich would like to make this world a little bit more colorful.
Art connects us, because we are all part of the whole.