About the artist:

EMI MOURI found dot-painting artworks through oracle cards in 2017. The following year, she started painting from the advice of her mentor and has continued to draw her original dot-paintings called “KAN-SHIN-GA”, which is a term she coined herself. Her works are Inspirational Art, which she gets from introspection images.

 Her artworks are based on her own interesting experiences. One of them was a trial of Yamabushi-training at Dewa-Sanzan which is the sacred place in Japan. She experienced “PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE” there. She was so inspired spiritually, and did soul-searching deeply, Fortunately, her sacred training led by a master of Yamabushi was recorded by French TV crew as a documentary program, and aired on TV in 2021.

 She is also a numerologist and draws her clients’ colors/vibes as Numerology-colored Art. After her first group exhibition in 2020, she proactively participated in exhibitions (4 times in 2021). In 2022, she actively started various activities as both an artist and a numerologist. She always looks forward to her possibilities, which will lead her to develop new talents, and her positive spirit itself is her unique strength.