Florinda Guarrato


About the artist:

Florinda Guarrato born on 03/04/92 in Palermo, Florinda Guarrato was born with a passion for art, sensitive and with a dreaming character but at the same time resolved. she is immediately attracted by the color and draws with passion. Her art has the function of rediscovering the play of matter, the beauty of expressing herself through painting without obstacles and to make the work become functional through a space of expressive freedom of matter. In 2011 she reached the ma turity in graphic design with studies in artistic graphics, while studies exhibits and compares with the world of competitions. The artistic journey continues moving to turin in 2012. She begins her studies in the albertina academy of fine arts, increasingly acquiring more experience and maturity in art. With determination, in 2015 she graduated in decoration / visual arts, with the maximum score after the three-year degree, the academic path for the new year continues in order to obtain the specialist, she graduated in 2018 with 110 and praises in decoration / visual arts at the academy Albertina Delle Belle Arti in Turin. She participates in numerous competitions and workshops, with selections of projects and exhibitions in the national and international field.