Frederic Husseini


About the artist:

I’m an architect who paints and a painter who is aware of the visual necessities of creativity. But beyond those two roles, painting for me is primarily a selfish pleasure. I interact with the medium, the materials and myself. It’s a serious game and a silent conversation, given rhythm by the sound of the tools. It’s a moment of anxiety and relaxation all at once, a detachment from the real world, a journey in one place, a considered diversion. You shed all constraints and models and let yourself be carried away by the painting and the way it’s evolving before your eyes. Once the moment of creation is gone, the pleasure is over, ended, frozen at a stage considered definitive, but frozen all the same. That’s why I try to formalize the process itself as far as possible, without any theatrical actionism. This is the main subject of my painting.

I think the viewer’s imagination is freer than that of the artist who has “finished” his work; the imagination of viewers is fresh, independent and disinterested. If their sensibilities or curiosity are aroused, they can let themselves be drawn in and wander in their own way through the fabric woven by the artist. Perhaps that’s all art is – a particular dialogue with particular people; a dialogue that’s aimless, gratuitous, sometimes fleeting, like the pleasures of life, and sometimes stronger, like a feeling.

Graduated from the Ecole d’Architecture de Marseille-Luminy I practised in France as an architect and entrepreneur before returning to Lebanon in 1991, where I worked in industry. In 2000 I was appointed Director General of Antiquities at the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, a post I held until 2010. I currently work in Beirut as an independent painter and designer. 

My painting reflects the abstract world of which I am a part, juxtaposing substance, transparency, planes, geometry, traces and imprints. I use a vocabulary of actions that give materiality to the space-time of the paintings, revealing each as a process in movement. My abstract approach uses the same language while exploring new routes.

Frédéric Husseini (b.1957)

2008  Art Keo, Crypt of the Saint Joseph University church- Beirut. 

2012  XXXI Salon d’Automne  Nicolas Sursock Museum - Beirut.

2014  Resistances,  Gallery 169- Beirut  

2016  S.O.S Art, collective,  Unesco Palace - Beirut  

2017 #SerialNumber Gallery 392Rmeil393 – Beirut

2019 “October 17, 2019” Collective, Gallery Janine Rubeiz - Beirut

2021 Outbreak-Breakout, Salon d’Art Contemporain Art3f – Paris