Garrick Arnold


About the artist:

Portland, Oregon-based abstract expressionist painter, Garrick Arnold has been evolving as an artist in response to Covid.

As both a life-long artist and entrepreneur, Garrick enjoyed many years of success as a graphic designer, Art Director, and brand builder. 

Garrick’s wide-ranging, eclectic interests include science, pop culture, and Buddhism. 

Working primarily in acrylics, Garrick seeks to reveal through is paintings the intersectionality of reality and consciousness. His work is a collision of colors and explosive energies rushing outward to fill a previously empty void. 

Artist Statement 

I began my professional art career as a Graphic Designer, Marketing Director, and Brand Builder. 

Seeking a creative outlet with the fewest limitations - one that allows for the purest, most distilled form of expression possible - lead me to abstract expressionist painting. 

The works of Sam Francis, Pollock, Joan Mitchell, and many other contemporaries inspire me.

Music, literature, science, and our shared pop-culture colors and imagery are grist for my creative mill.

My technique is best described as controlled chaos/action painting, allowing the medium and moment to lead the way.

The freedom of expression in abstract expressionist painting and the lack of an editor remains both thrilling and a little terrifying to me.

An avid reader and explorer of thoughts and ideas from Zen to Quantum Physics, these fields deeply influence my present work.