Gerard Escougnou

Fluid art

About the artist:

Born in 1948, lives and works in SEIGNOSSE,  FRANCE 

Training engineer;  painter for 20 years 

Lauréat 2011 de la Fondation COLAS 

Salon d’automne 2020  Contempory Art show Paris Novembre 2019 

Réalités nouvelles, Octobre 2016  Accessible Art Fair, Bruxelles, Septembre 2016 

Art Osaka, Japon, juillet 2015  Seoul, Galerie BDMC, juin, 2015  Select Art Fair, New York, Mai 2015 

Salon d’automne, Paris, Octobre 2014  Art 3G, Bordeaux, Septembre 2014 

Carrousel du Louvre, Septembre 2009 Art en Capital, Grand Palais, Septembre 2008 

Author and Presentation of the conference on abstract art on YouTube


I agree with Gilles Deleuze's reflection, who explains the three phases of creation.  

The first is the pre-pictorial phase. It is maturation, design, formalization, research of supports, tools. This is a phase that can be long because it conditions everything else.  

The second phase is what he calls "the disaster germinates." It is necessary to go through this phase of "catastrophe" to break reflexes, banish clichés and find the strength and energy that constitute pictorial emotion  

The third phase is the pictorial fact: aesthetic emotion, transmitted, perceived and felt.  

Technically I use antagonistic materials by bringing together very aggressive products (epoxy resins permanent inks) with more flexible and conventional materials (coatings, acrylic and Indian ink and color)  

I favor strong contrasts, in terms of materials, tones, transparencies and saturation, luminosities, between matt and shiny aspects….  

I observe the codes of abstract expressionism:  

  • All over: the study goes beyond the canvas  
  • Action painting: the intention is dictated by the gesture  
  • Minimalism: “less is more” Ludwig mies von Rohe, architect of the Bauhaus  

I translate my emotions, my irrepressible taste for freedom, the confrontation of my Apollonian and Dionysiac feelings  

I paint to escape a sad world, to leave the valley and to overcome the clouds.  

I paint not to be alone, to increase the power of life, the power of being  

I build the web and the web builds me  

Art makes us see the world differently, and leads me to inner peace.