Fluid art

About the artist:

My name is Giovanah Ferreira Faraco.
I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I lived in Australia and Italy for a while and now I’m living in Guimarães, Portugal. I’m an enthusiastic artist with a very diverse skillset, such as photography, painter and everything that involves handwork, I consider myself a maker, who loves to create art, welcome creative challenges and always experience new things. I tend to seek out ways to learn new skills and knowledge to improve myself. I always believe that we can learn something from everyone, doesn’t matter the age or the background.

My work explores my vision of society and life, in the face of all its problems and singularities. I have always been fascinated by all those women who for some reason passed through my life, and with their influence, I try to express a little of my worldview. I believe that art connects, art unites, art changes and art is unique, specifically painting, which even without speaking, or moving can bring us countless feelings and sensations, and this is one of my main reasons for making art, it is for the magic of being able to touch and make each person see my art in a unique way, being able to take to the viewer a little bit of everything that I believe, and feel.