Gloria Keh


About the artist:

Gloria Keh, an artist based in Singapore, is very passionate about raising funds for charities through her art. Drawing her inspiration from Mother Nature, literature and poetry, Gloria finds freedom, contentment and inner peace through her art. Painting is a spiritual practice for Gloria, who particularly enjoys art journaling and creating mandalas.

She was born in the Chinese astrological year of the dragon, the year being 1952. Her first teacher, was her late father, the oil painter, Martin Fu. Growing up with the smell of turpentine, Gloria began selling her artworks as a child, to supplement her pocket money. As an adult, she studied mandala art and symbolism in Melbourne, Australia, and undertook a short course in art therapy in Singapore.

In 2008, Gloria founded Circles of Love, an art based, non-profit charity outreach programme, using her art in the service to humanity. She has participated in 80 exhibitions/art fairs, both locally, as well as internationally. Her first overseas solo exhibition was held in Vienna, Austria, in January/February 2018, at the Gallery Steiner. In April 2018, her works were exhibited at the New York Art Expo, with the Gallery Steiner. In December 2019, Gloria exhibited and sold at Art Basel Red Dot Miami, with the Gallery Steiner.

Her works are acquired by collectors in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Russia and the USA. A member of the International Culture & Arts Federation (ICAF), Gloria was awarded the Andrea Mantegna International Prize Award in 2017, in conjunction with the Mantova Biennale of Contemporary Art, in Mantova, Italy. As of July 2020, Gloria had won 18 international art awards.

For the next few years, she hopes to be able to take up art residencies, offering workshops for healing, through mandala art and art journaling. She also hopes to have another solo exhibition on just her larger canvases.