My work is heavy in lines and pattern repetition. I use distinguishable, every day symbols and patterns that have become my artistic language. I see lines as fleeting moments in the life of the artists and the viewer; it is a moment of intimacy where both experience a beginning and end within a simple stroke of a brush or pen. I use lines for direction, emphasis and in rare occasions for figurative drawing. My goal is to lead the eye of the viewer in a journey of the imagination. My artwork is influenced by non-artistic elements such as maps, motherboards, computer chips, music notation, and signage. I see an art language in the way that I experience the world. I feel like my work is simply reporting what I see and experience from my point of view. I believe that the images that I present can be received by my audience as an invitation to imagine and be creative.

About the artist:

David is a Mexican-born American artist working from his studio in Rogers, Arkansas. His main work uses symbology to express and explore ideas, emotions and existential musings. He paints with a broad range of mediums such as oils, acrylics and spray paint, and other less traditional mediums. Most of his work is abstract, post impressionism and new perspectives on drawing. Although he has been painting for over twenty years, he began painting professionally over two years ago. Through his emerging career, he has displayed his artwork in group exhibits, in Arkansas, New York City, and Milan, Italy. He currently has a solo show in North Little Rock, Arkansas. In addition, one of David’s pieces will be inducted in The Amazeum’s permanent collection (The Amazeum is a science museum in North West Arkansas). David finds purpose in sharing ideas and messages of self-growth through his artwork. He uses chaos and order to speak of redemption and give glimpses of hope.  He also uses mathematical and scientific concepts throughout his work and layers them with existential symbolism. His goal is to “say something beautiful, while also saying it beautifully.”