My project is framed within abstract expressionism. It is the synthesis between the influences received and my own desires and individuality that crystallize to produce a language in which form and color express themselves. My painting is free of external physical references, but I do seek with it to capture a part of everyday reality. With my work I intend to establish an optimistic dialogue with the viewer. However, I do not intend to convey a friendly optimism, but rather an optimism that struggles to generate more beauty. A “sought” geometric dynamism with a spontaneous outline invites us to flow, alternating movement with stillness, intensity with frivolity. My painting is a painting of color contrasts and in a way that seeks to find harmony and transmit a serene joy to the viewer.

About the artist:

Born in Madrid in 1978, philologist and painter, he has developed his plastic and literary vision from an early age. He studied painting at the Prado Workshop (Madrid) between 2010-2014. Alternating this training with different courses and always relying on his self-taught experience. It begins in figuration, with impressionist and Fauvist influences. His landscapes full of symbolism convey freshness and dynamism, both qualities oversized thanks to the strong contrasts of light and color that Javier González applies to the canvas with genuine naturalness and mastery.

This young painter creates a language free from external references, a form of expression based essentially on color and shape and where his abstraction is enriched both by the intense chromaticism that he displays in his creations and by the friendly harmony of his compositions. His painting exudes happiness and elegance, simplicity and optimism; always leaving a space for reflection. Among his most notable influences are both the classical disciplines of Joan Miró and the abstract expressionists as well as the most current trends of Sean Scully.

Javier González has collaborated in different art fairs and projects such as Artbanchel, in which he stood out conspicuously for his “American landscapes”. He has also participated in individual and group exhibitions, having been recently invited by the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors of Madrid to exhibit his work.

Javier González currently lives and works in Madrid, where he works as a literature teacher, combining his dedication to painting with his teaching activity.