About the artist:

Hans Täckenström, 1957, is a Swedish artist who works internationally with a base in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hans has a professional background in the advertising industry, where he has been repeatedly nationally and internationally awarded for successful advertising.

Art and culture have always been strong driving forces, whether at work, as musicians in the group Hans on the bass or through painting. In music, the artistic outlet gets in the bass playing. Hans on the bass music signature is feelgood, which can be said to accompany the painting.

Art educated in Stockholm and San Francisco.
His art has several sources of inspiration. Modern pop art art, Hilma af Klint and Angelo Accordi to name a few fine art artists.

Behind this retro-coloured celebration of joy and playfulness, you are lured into an enigmatic world that awakens our questions of existence and our relationship to the material and immateri- al world. The strong contrasts of colour, shape, texture and symbolism lay out an enchanting worldscape that challenges you to see meaning and answers in the art.”