Haubi Haubner


About the artist:

Born on the island of Lindau on Lake Constance in 1958, Haubi Haubner lives and works in Freiburg (GER). He is experienced in crafting street art, graffiti in the 1980s and finished training as a textile print pattern designer and screen printer. 2016 he starts with graphic art and paintings on Paper. His hand drawn and sprayed ink and acrylic images have been affected by pop art, surrealism, contemporary art, street art & urban art influences. The work is seen internationally. His distinctive style and multi-layered selection of topics have always allowed him to discuss not only philosophical aspects but also socio-political themes. The idea of peace, environmental pollution, digital media, self–discovery, life in our consumer society and life itself and after all infinity/finiteness. Relevant and timeless at once. „ART IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FORCE FOR A OPEN SOCIETY“