Haya Kim



I paint with memory I always bring in me, and I find colors from my surrounding nature. Painting holds that moment on my canvas as records of my feelings. It is an experience of seeing what I was thinking. Painting could become my presence, and the moments of my presence were accumulated in my painting. I do not plan ahead anything until I begin new painting and I don’t start with the positioning of shape. My gestures are left on my painting, and these collapsed brush strokes lead me to find the composition. The earlier layer of painting allows me to think where to go for the next layer. Where they end is not where I expect them to go. We feel differently every day and every moment. What I feel and think at one point is not the same as at another moment, so the work naturally is different each day. After days of working on painting, the process makes me question if I was painting what I wanted to see from what I have seen from my time, and I can understand better of myself what I was thinking at the time when it was made. I hope to paint my personal imagery and that my feelings themselves could be embedded with the medium by hand.