Hermann Modersitzki


About the artist:

While studying Egyptian art, I noticed that sculptures are carved out of stone and then painted. 

So, there were sculptures and pictures at the same time. This type of art was neglected and then completely discontinued. Michelangelo is typical for sculptures going their own way. He worked the marble, and the marbling was the coloring for the work. With the creation of monuments, metal, painting, and the creation of sculpture drifted apart. 

The colorful sculptures had disappeared from everyday life. Til today. There is a clear separation between sculpture and painting. 

And that is where my path begins. I had set myself the goal of reuniting painting and sculpture, even if only visually. Not like in general with different colors, blue green, yellow etc., but only with one color. 

My considerations and work were based on the following guidelines that I gave myself: My way of thinking, first applying paint then liquid metal, and through the incidence of light and the way of looking at it, I get a sculpture and the painting dissolves. 

A painting was created and at the same time an optical sculpture. A painting sculptures. Revolutionary. Presenting an optical sculpture created with a brush to the viewer. I call this type of work Hermyism, which is not a style, but an art in its own way.