My creative process is comparable to improvisation in music. How a musician uses the instrument to improvise a musical theme, I have the computer program to improvise on a subject from photography. On the basis of a given structure from a photography, I do different things with the help of computer programs turn a photograph into a painterly representation. Many emerge from this different variations on a topic. These variants are saved during the work process. If I don't have a photo, the basis is created using the digital capabilities of the computer. A shape randomly generated by the computer serves as the basis for further alienation. Color alienation, distorting, superimposing, fading, doubling versions, changing differently and merging these versions again. This is all a game with the possibilities of the image processing program, so an improvisation. This creates many different versions, which are saved again and again. The figurative  becomes abstract, the abstract becomes figurative, again is mixed with  figurative......

About the artist:

Born in 1958 in Erndtebrück,  Germany , Horst Weber is an organizational software engineer/programmer who's passion is digital art. Growing up in Erndtebrück,  he developed a great interest in art since childhood. Since 1998 he has been interested in photography, initially only in theoretical form, then also practically and artistically. Experimental photography such as pinhole cameras, photograms, chemograms, photographic printing techniques, art photography and computer photography fall into its spectrum.

He's an active member of the Wittgensteiner Art Society since 2019. The photographic works should not be a representation of reality, but an alienation of photographic reality.



November 2019, Group exhibition EXEMPLA of the Wittgensteiner Art Society in the information center KUMP of the city of Hallenberg, Germany.

November 2020, Group exhibition Naturgewaltig/ Force of nature of the Wittgensteiner Art Society in the Sparkasse Bad Berleburg, in the city of Bad Berleburg, Germany.

September 2021, Group exhibition Naturgewaltig/ Force of nature of the Wittgensteiner Art  Society in the Art Association (Kunstverein )in the City of Bonn,  Bad Godesberg,  Germany.

Sebtember 2021, M.A.D.S   Gallery, exhibition MO.DE., group exhibition,  Milano, Italy,  Fuerteventura, Spain and online exhibition.  

October 2021, Art showcase, (Kunstschaufenster),  my protfolio, solo exhibition,  Bad Berleburg , Germany.