I believe that artistic creation can heal myself. I use brilliant colors, delicate emotions, and life stories to surpass the shock of words, and make good use of artistic healing techniques to bring positive energy to the hope in my heart. "Everything transcends the natural process", I am obsessed with the original mural painting 45 million years ago. I think that the species that once existed cannot correspond to humans. Harmony is the truth of the existence of all things. We can choose to be indifferent or sincere. Explore and understand new perspectives in our lives. Everything starts with monism. Works include birds and beasts, treasures, power machinery, eternal springs, mountain and sea landscapes, etc.

About the artist:

HSIUNG YU is a future abstract expressionist artist in Taiwan, who has won awards in Taiwan and international competitions. Organized more than 36 solo exhibitions and participated in many invitational exhibitions.. HSIUNG YU wants to create every minute. She has spent five years visiting European museums and art galleries for at least 180 exhibition venues. Her dream is to be able to exhibit in Europe and find an internationally renowned gallery to sell my work. All the past, present, and future are painted on her canvas.

She uses symbols to project myths, legends, revelations and imaginations of unknown things, aiming to create a certain existence in the entire world. She uses her own creativity and complex background to highlight or metaphor the theme, use delicate and smooth lines, layers and mix and match techniques to inject life and emotion between acrylic and linen, and use the essence to merge the new expression of original artistic style. Believing in herself, affirm herself, accept her talents and imperfections, persevere, looking forward to indefinitely, and realizing her dreams.