About the artist:

I've been practicing calligraphy since I was in primary school.
Recently, I started to combine my own abstract form of calligraphy with seal-carving.
At the 2022 LA ART SHOW, one of my artworks was selected as the representative work of J&J ART Inc. and used in the promotional materials for the art show.
My abstract calligraphy and seal-carving are based on my life experience. I’m a former educator and have lived in several countries. I have experienced the world as a native and an outsider and in my art I strive to combine both the traditional and the modern.


My carvings and calligraphy are made of many layers of literal and figurative meaning, set in different shapes of stone. With brush strokes of oriental black ink (玄), I write ancient scripts, like the oracle bone script, and the seal script and modern scripts like modern Korean.

Whatever comes to my mind about culture, language, and history are carved and arranged in harmony with calligraphic brush strokes on Hanji—a Korean paper, which is well known for extremely durable and high-quality paper, made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree. The ideas, brush strokes and seals all come together to create multiple layers of meaning.

We are living in the world where everything is connected to each other on all levels from the past to the present and even in the METAVERSE. Not a single person in the universe can live alone; our actions, thoughts and ideas are all intertwined.

I love studying the complex relationships between people and things and I contemplate how to express them in my art works.

With my signature carving, ANATTA(無我), I travel and explore in the world of INDRAMANG through my works.