Iduna Imiela


About the artist:

The artist Iduna Imiela was born 1978 in Berlin and grew up in Northern Germany. She studied illustration and painting at the Bildkunst Akademie in Hamburg as well as art history at the University of Hamburg with a masters degree in 2008.

The focus of her work is on painting with acrylics.

2021 she took part in an international group exhibition in Madrid and New York and in Art Innsbruck. Further group exhibitions and art fairs in Madrid, Bordeaux and Paris are planned for the next year.


Her work is inspired by nature, inspired by colors of the seasons, inspired by material. as well as in the artistic process. She lets herself guided through the artistic process while painting and trusts her intuition.
Also she works since the beginning of 2021 on new textures, color gradients and surfaces as well as on forms and aesthetic experiences.

She has been working in the artistic segment for twenty years now and the joy of reinventing, experimenting and creating art has never stopped and is constantly developing.

In June this year the artist started a new series of „Color Field paintings“, some of which she now show in cooperation with Monat Gallery.

The works are strongly influenced by the nature. The shapes and colors also come
from the artist`s „inner memory“ and appear again and again in various series of artworks. Associations such as wind, clouds, sunrises can be named, although other associations of interpretation are of course left open to the viewer.

„Art is experiment with the knowledge of the artistic process the artist is always a researcher and discoverer.“

- Iduna Imiela