My universe is close to an abstract branch, through which I try to harmoniously combine my inner colors, feelings and states. The experience of life is found at the intersection of color and form, and for me, the nakedness of bodies is a place of polysemy and the multitude of meanings. Why? ... because "The naked women's body is a portion of eternity too great for the eye of a man" said Wiliam Blake ... because I feel that the body has the memory of yesterday's emotion in today's colors , because nudes are the mirror of my soul,  because the sphere of intimacy extends to bodies connected to other worlds.

About the artist:

 Josem ( Ioana), born in Transylvania, is a lover of human creativity, a passion discovered since her early years of childhood and currently a student at the University of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca (Romania).

The main theme in her works, in the last three years, is abstract nudes. Every day she crosses borders between yesterday and today, between real and unreal, between depth and exteriority, and that is why nudes have become the subject of her paintings - the object that in her hands she got to know intimately and adore, to see its possibilities, fluctuations, becoming to life, transformation, and witness it transgressing its limits.

Her paintings depict a multi-faceted gap, by combining different materials from acrylic, oil and mortar colors, as well as the knife technique, thus managing to create embossed structures, to the use of hands directly on the canvas. She has explored the realm of colors, being fascinated by the lines and shapes of femininity. The configuration of a body that has its source in dreams, desires and traumas made the nudes emanate a spatial and temporal significance. In addition, she feels that she's painting and working on an equation of the conscious and the unconscious, my beliefs and personal values, fascination and femininity, creating inner bodies in a continuous movement and modeling. The emotion, for sure, is the one embodied in color ...



2021 – “Garden of Beauty”- Bucharest

2021 – International art fair of Monaco

2021 – “ The date” – Bucharest

2020 – “De la lumina la culoare”, editia IV, Roman