Iuliia Khlestlova


About the artist:

The ceramic art is giving me a possibility to convey my subjective perception of the world with a clay, which I consider as the most unique and transformable material. 

The clay is a very functional material which makes it possible to create the boldest forms. It is incredibly reliable, so you can be sure of the success of embodiment your creative ideas. This material can be characterized as beauty, charm, support and reliability, and it can get a powerful push for your fantasy. 

All my artworks inspired by the variability and movement of the surrounding world. I consider movement as a constant of everything around, it starts from the diversity of the different forms and the light streams of the natural minerals, and it ends with a human being movement, which has been elevated to the rank of choreographic art with the unique body lines. 

I have a multicolor as much as a monochrome among my works. In both cases I am seeking a possibility to convey an effect of living surfaces and shapes. 

I am using different kind of techniques in my artworks. One item could combine a classic casting with pieces made of natural materials, coated with several layers of porcelain. I also use draperies made with porcelain – soaked fabrics. To achieve interesting color conversions, I use a combination of various ceramic coatings, natural ingredients, and varied types of firing.